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HP Printer Is Not Printing : Get It Solved Easily

Facing problems with your HP Printer? You are not alone many of the HP Printer users have reported that their HP Printer is not printing. There can be different circumstances when you have to face problems with your HP Printer. You can find some solution to your problem with  HP Printer Support HP Printer is Not Printing

HP Printer Make sure your Computer and Printer both are on the Same Network.

To print with your HP wireless Printer you need to be connected to the same network. Check if you are connected to the same network. Follow the steps here:

  • Go to your web browser and type the printer’s IP address.
  • Now access the printer’s embedded web server. This web page comes directly from the printer.

If you can open and view this page, it proves that your computer and printer are connected to the same network.

If the printer and computer are not connected to the same network, ensure that you connect it. And the problem will be resolved.

There are possibilities that you are facing the error message HP printer is not printing because of the following situations:

The IP address of the Printer may have changed

In some cases, the printer’s software is not able to locate the printer over the network. If your printer’s IP address is changed you have to face this kind of problem. Update the software with the changed IP address by using the Update IP Address utility. If you are not a professional in this job and facing issues with this, try to take help from experts. Call at the HP Printer Support, the professional techies there can give you proper suggestions for updating your IP address.

The next thing you can try to solve the issue is to:

Set Your HP Printer as the Default One

Unless you choose another printer to perform your printing job purposely it automatically send the printing the job to the default one. So, set your HP Printer as the default one and solve the HP Printer is not printing issue. Follow the steps given here to set the HP Printer by default.

  • Firstly, Press the Windows Logo Key and the R key on your keyboard.
  • On the Run Box type ‘control’ and hit Enter. This will Open the Control Panel
  • Then Select Device and Printers
  • Now in the printers section right-click on your HP printer and Select Set as the default printer.
  • Finally, Click yes when prompted

This will set your HP Printer as the default one.

Still facing the problem? Try further fixes.

Update and Reinstall Printer Driver

You need to update the driver software to use the printer. Follow the steps given here to update the driver software.HP Printer is Not Printing

  • Press the Windows Key on your Keyboard
  • Type ‘Device Manager’, this will search Device Manager on your PC
  • Right Click and Choose Run as an administrator option
  • As the Windows Device Manager Opens Check for Updates to all of those drivers
  • Download and Install the software packages

Windows Device Manager can’t download the driver software always. So you need to undergo the update process manually in some cases.

But finding the right driver software can be really tough. You may need help from the tech experts. Visit the HP Support Portal and get help from the professional tech engineers.

The problem not fixed yet? The issue can be related to your printer hardware.

Check If Some Print Job Stuck In Queue

A print job is stuck in the Windows print queue because of which your printer can’t print from a computer since the stuck print job cannot be canceled or deleted, it can prevent further print jobs from printing. Power outages may be the reason you are facing the problem.

Anyway, Folks! That’s all from us. Wrapping up it should be said getting help from the experts is the best thing you can do. For any technical assistance, you can call us at +1-800-712-5704 or you can send us an email at  info@hpsupport365.com. Visit the HP Customer Support portal and get the easy solution to any of your problem.

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