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HP Laptop Plugged In Not Charging – Troubleshoot The Error Now

A laptop’s battery is an essential hardware component. Though HP manufactures some of the best laptops in this global market, they are not free from errors. Like any other technical gadget, users also struggle to resolve it’s frequent technical glitches. “HP laptop plugged in not charging” is a very common issue that users often report about. In case you are facing such power related problems, you can fix the matter on your own by going through this article.

HP Laptop Plugged In Not Charging

Causes For HP Laptop Battery Not Charging

A lot of reasons are there that result in HP laptop charge failure. And we have mentioned some of them below:

    • Faulty charging port.
    • Malfunctioning power adaptor.
  • Laptop battery hardware issues.

Fix ‘HP Laptop Plugged In Not Charging’ Error

Below mentioned are some easy methods to tackle HP laptop power and charging issues. Pick the one that seems the most applicable for you.

Method 1: Restart Your Laptop

Restarting the HP Laptop resolves many of the laptop related errors. Hold down the power key to drain the residual power and start up your device. If this approach does not fix the problem, continue with the next method.

Method 2: AC Adapter Check

It can possibly happen that you are getting this error due to the faulty AC adaptor. Check whether your power adapter is working properly or not. If not, try out a different adapter to power up your HP laptop. If this still doesn’t work, you need to replace the adapter. But ensure that you are using the compatible for your HP laptop to avoid further troubles.

Contact Us For Further Assistance Just Dial +1-888-877-0901 HP Customer Support Number

If you can’t resolve the HP laptop not charging issue on your own, there is something seriously wrong with your system. Try to connect with our reliable HP technicians for further assistance. Our team of experts is available on various communication channels to resolve HP laptop plugged in not charging issues efficiently.

You can give us a call by dialing our HP customer support number +1-888-877-0901 at any time. Our phone lines are open round the clock for you to connect with.

You can also send us an email by addressing your HP laptop issues at our HP support email id info@hpsupport365.com. As soon as receiving your email, we will get back to you shortly with the best effective solutions.

If you are facing any network congestion while placing us a call, you can avail of our live chat facility via our HP support live chat portal as well. Get instant answers to all your queries from our end via live communication.

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