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Resolve HP Scanner Error 22 | Brilliant Hacks At Your Fingertips

While using the HP scanner, you might sometimes go through various technical issues. HP scanner error 22 is one among such technical errors which users often encounter. It takes place whenever you try to scan a document via the HP scanner. The error pops up in the control panel while attempting to scan documents. The error arises when you are trying to put some heavy weight on the scanner glass.

However, there are many other causes behind this technical issue. The scanner mechanism sometimes gets disrupted due to some faults while scanning. You must go through the list of reasons thoroughly which we will present in the next section. Knowing the causes is important from your point of view because if you do not get a grasp of the reasons you won’t be able to apply necessary fixes to your issue. Hence, take a look at the crucial reasons behind the problem.

HP Scanner Error 22

Probable Reasons Behind HP Scanner Error 22

    • There can be an error with the mechanism of the scanner which is leading to the generation of the HP scanner error 22.
    • Issues can occur if you place heavyweight like a book in the scanner glass and in turn it may cause you the technical problem.
    • There can be an issue with the Control Panel settings which might be responsible for the complicated technical glitch.
  • Issues with the scanner and printer driver may be there and it may result in the HP scanner error 22.

These are the most common reasons behind HP scanner error 22. You should place a heavy weight on the scanner glass and never try to scan too many documents at a time. It will lead to the permanent damage of the scanner. Besides, there are other ways by which you can resolve the issue. Take a look at some of the effective ways how you can fix the problem.

How To Fix HP Scanner Error 22?

Firstly you will have to reset the printer to fix the issue effectively:

Step 1:

The first and foremost action that you should take is turning on the printer. Check if the printer is set on or not. If not, then you must turn on the printer at first.

Step 2:

The next action that you should take is that you should disconnect the power cord from the printer. Extract the power cord from the back side of the printer.

Step 3:

Nextly, plug out the power cord from the power outlet. Now you will have to wait for a minute and then plug in the power cord to the outlet again. Try attaching the power cable again now. Connect it to the back side of the printer.

Step 4:

In case, the printer does not switch on, you will have to switch on the printer again. Wait for some time and try the scanning operation again. Now you will see that the scanner will resume its normal working process.

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