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HP Laptop Won’t Boot | Get A Quick Troubleshoot Here

HP offers a superior quality laptop along with advanced technology. Besides all the superiorities, there are some of the technical glitches which are responsible for slowing down its production. The regular laptop users may face conflicts like HP laptop won’t boot, etc. However, our IT support for HP is skillful enough to detect the HP issues.

HP Laptop Won't Boot

HP Laptop Won't Boot

More About HP Laptop Won’t Boot Issue

HP laptop is favored for its current technological implementations. But, sometimes, you may get irritated due to  HP laptop won’t boot issue. However, we are trying to present some of the common symptoms along with their problems and resolutions below.

Many times, you may face an annoying issue when you turn on your HP laptop, and it does not respond. Moreover, the LED lights do not glow, and the display turns blank due to a connection error. So, first check your power adapter as well as the laptop battery percentage.

You should know it’s not a power issue if the LED blinks and the processor sends a beep signal, but still, the system remains unresponsive. The effect relies on the BIOS Problem.

On the other hand, blue screen error may happen due to firmware error. Even in that case, you would see an erroneous message displaying on your black screen, and your HP laptop won’t start. So, your  HP laptop won’t boot up until you resolve it.

Again, both the LED and Fan may start functioning but the HP laptop would stay numb to all your efforts. This irritating issue may occur for improper disk installation.

Your HP Laptop Won’t Turn On? | Easy Fix

Here, we have discussed generic solutions which will help you to fix your HP laptop issues very quickly.

Method 1:

First, hold the power button for 10-15 seconds and reboot your system. You may see that the booting process has been started. Then, you have to press the F8 functional key from the keyboard immediately. Secondly, you may see another black screen with several options is appearing on the screen. Now, select “Safe Mode With Networking” by navigating the down arrow key from the keyboard and press “Enter” to reboot your system. Finally, on successful booting, you may see your device is set in a safe mode environment with networking facility. Set the current date/time and check whether you can do your job with this system or not. If you can’t resolve by using the above procedure, you may use the next one.

Method 2:

Again, press F8 to repair your system. But, now select another option “Safe mode With Command Prompt”. So, your system will start in a command prompt environment. Now, type the command “Rstrui.exe” which will revert your device data within a specific time and press Enter to proceed the process. Finally, follow all the instruction that appears on the on-screen and then restore your device successfully.

Additional Information:

    • After restarting your system into the Safe mode, you can update your Windows with the latest version for a better performance.
  • You may scan your device with the strong security software. Otherwise, install the antivirus to keep your device malware free.

Instant Support For HP Laptop Won’t Boot Up

We provide you with a 24*7 service. If you have any query or issue related to the HP laptop, you can connect with us as per your convenience. We will always be ready to work out your HP laptop issues efficiently at an affordable rate.

Our IT support for HP is bound to refresh your HP BIOS and make things simple. So, if you want to update your HP driver for avoiding the HP laptop won’t boot windows 10, you may contact our support team for device longevity.

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