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Fix HP Laptop Startup Error With Reliable Solutions

Many people prefer HP electronics products because of its uniqueness and enormous features. Because of its smart technology and superior functionalities, a huge number of users have appreciated the HP products. Despite having several facilities, it is not free from technical glitches. As a regular user, you may often encounter HP laptop startup error and various other issues. However, if you want a permanent fix, connect with our HP Support team for instant assistance.

HP Laptop Startup Error

Know About HP Laptop Startup Error In Brief

Startup error means the booting problems that often occur as soon as you try to turn on your system. As a result, Windows fails to perform and you fail to switch on your system. It can be a software error, and without proper technical help, you can’t recover this booting issue.

There are lots of indications to warn you that you can rectify the HP Laptop Startup Error at its earliest.

BIOS Error

Sometimes, you may find that the LED is blinking, and CPU gives a positive signal, but the HP laptop won’t turn on. Somehow, all the hardware components don’t get the proper power supply that can happen due to the BIOS problems.

Power Supply Difficulty

Another problem that you may face while switching on the HP Laptop is the flickering LED. Possibly, it is a connection error. So, first verify whether the laptop battery is capable of holding the charge or not. Otherwise, Laptop will stay unresponsive due to lack of charging.

Blue Screen And Black Screen Error

Sometimes, you may find an unexpected message showing on the screen during cold booting. It is referred to the Black screen error and the driver error that can be responsible for this trouble. On the other hand, the blue screen error happens for firmware update problems.

Other Issues

Another problem that you may often encounter that the Windows stops responding after showing the Windows logo on your screen. So, the HP laptop won’t boot and it can be due to the program installation errors in Windows. Disk installation issues may corrupt the disk files. As a result, the HP laptop startup error occurs.

Solutions To Fix HP Startup Error

Solution 1:

First, reboot your system correctly and immediately press F8 after the black screen appears. Secondly, you can see several options where you have to select “Repair your computer”. Thirdly, choose the option, “Safe Mode with Networking” and wait for 2-3 minutes for the booting process to finish. Finally, you have to login to your page and verify whether it is working or not.

Solution 2:

First, restart your device. After that, while you are getting the boot-up screen, press F8 from the keyboard. Then choose the “Safe Mode” option. After restarting the Window, you have to open the Control Panel Window from Start menu. Now, you have to select the programs which you have installed recently. Now, tap on the “Uninstall” button from the upper section of the Control Panel Window. Finally, reboot your HP laptop.

We hope the above processes will be beneficial for you to remove the HP laptop startup error.

Still getting the blue screen or black screen error? Contact us as soon as possible. Our technical team for HP is skillful enough to eliminate the HP won’t turn problem.

Contact HP Support For Help

We provide round the clock services to our valuable clients. If you have any query or issue related to the HP laptop, you can connect with us as per your convenience. Our IT support for HP is bound to refresh your HP BIOS and make things simple. So, if you want to update your HP driver for avoiding the HP laptop won’t boot windows 10, you can contact our support team for device longevity.

Our Technical support team for HP is knowledgeable enough to help you with the best effective solutions. So, you can call us at any time and our team will get back to you with the right solutions to fix problems like HP Laptop Startup Error.

You can dial technical support number +1-888-877-0901 for HP. So, make a call and get the most simple solutions through discussions with our tech support team. Again, if you are not able to fix HP laptop boot up issues on your own, you can drop an email at our registered mailing address info@hpsupport365.com or do a live chat for instant help.

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